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With 35 years of experience, Jaydeep Steels have acquired to superior quality product distribution to a large number of industries all across the globe and hence are one of the most reputed producers of Hastelloy Socket Weld Fittings which are transported to different countries every year.

Hastelloy Forged Socket Weld Fittings are available in different grades namely Cu-Ni 70/30, Cu-Ni 90/10 which has added features of corrosion resistance and durability.

Hastelloy Socket Weld Fittings
Hastelloy Socketweld Weld Fittings

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The Hastelloy Socket Weld Fittings which are at the disposal of the Industries for an application includes:-

  • Hastelloy Socket Weld Tees extensively used at junctions where extreme pressure is in the world and three types are connected together. The admin of one of the finest IL and hands are a huge craze in the market.
  • Hastelloy Socket Weld Cross are greatly corrosion resistant, durable and sturdy and hence finds its application at a junction of three inlet pipelines and one outlet.
  • Hastelloy Socket Weld Couplings are provided with sockets at both the ends for facilitating connection with other piping fittings and it can be easily joined and welded.
  • Hastelloy Socket Weld Pipe Unions help in the adjustment of the fluid flow and is extremely convenient because it can be disconnected a number of times for maintenance and future use.
  • Hastelloy Socket Weld Pipe Nipple is normally a short piece of the fight which is provided with another thread known as a male pipe at both the ends and used for connection with other piping elements.
  • Hastelloy Socket Weld Bushing find a lot of application in high-pressure energy systems where the bushing can be used for connection of two pipes since they are traded both inside and outside. Our bushings are a great place in the market and because of its added features where applicable in Aircraft industries.
  • Hastelloy socket Weld Hex Plug comes with immense quality leakage proof features which are available as head Hex Plug and other varieties enhance they’re applied in Oil and Gas Industries and others industries which deal with fluids.

Since Jaydeep Steels are equipped with modern technology and skills which are made to suit the customer’s requirements Contact us today and Request a free quote!

Hastelloy Socket Weld Fittings Specification

Specifications ASTM B564 & ASME B564
Size 1/8” NB to 4” NB
Standards ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799
Class 2000 LBS, 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS
Types Socketweld Fittings

Hastelloy Socket Weld Fittings - Grades

Jaydeep Steels stocks a wide range of materials and grades. Below is a list of all standard hastelloy socket weld fittings materials and grades we stock.

  • C276 Hastelloy Socket Weld Fittings
  • C22 Hastelloy Socket Weld Fittings

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